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Girls to the Front is the epic, definitive history of Riot Grrrl -- the radical feminist uprising that exploded into the public eye in the 1990s and included incendiary punk bands Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, Heavens to Betsy, and Huggy Bear. A dynamic chronicle not just of a movement but an era, this is the story of a group of pissed-off girls with no patience for sexism and no intention of keeping quiet.


“Feminism seems to change every five years. It's hard to grasp the movement... Girls to the Front is not just a keeper of the flame but brings you to yr own fire.” - Kim Gordon, Sonic Youth.


“Stirring... Eloquent... Like Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain did in Please Kill Me... Sara Marcus's Girls to the Front tells the story of riot grrrl, one person at a time.” - Bitch Magazine.


“Marcus has done a commendable job of telling the little-known history of an important social and cultural movement... A compelling history.” - Booklist, starred review


“A historical rockument of the revolutionary 90s counterculture Riot Grrrl movement... A rousing inspiration for a new generation of empowered rebel girls to strap on guitars and stick it to The Man.” - Vanity Fair


“Compelling... A brash, gutsy chronicle of the empowering music and feminist movement of the early 1990s... Marcus enthusiastically tracks the "scattered cartographies of rebellion" and captures the combustible excitement of this significant if short-lived moment.” - Publishers Weekly


“Sara Marcus's Girls to the Front is a great & true & real history. Thank God. At last.” - Eileen Myles, Chelsea Girls and Inferno (A Poet's Novel)


“Original, witty, idealistic and down-to-earth, Girls to the Front is a chronicle of women, girls, music, sexism -- and, best of all, what it means to be alive. Reader take heart: Feminism is not dead.” - Brenda Wineapple, White Heat


“For a Second Wave feminist like myself, Girls to the Front evokes wonderfully the way the generation after mine soaked up the promise and the punishment of feminist consciousness: all in all, a richly moving story.” - Vivian Gornick


“Ambitious and convincing... Girls to the Front makes narrative sense out of events that had so far been recorded only in mythic, unverified, and fragmentary form.” - Johanna Fateman, Bookforum


Sara Marcus is a writer and musician living in Brooklyn, New York. Her prose and poetry have appeared in publications including Slate, Time Out New York, The Advocate, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Heeb, where she was the politics editor for five years. Marcus received an MFA from Columbia University.


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