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K7s - TAKE 1 (COLOR)

K7s - TAKE 1 (COLOR)

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K7s- Take 1 LP.  Kurt Baker (The Leftovers,The New Trocaderos, Bullet Proof Lovers) has started a brand new punk rock trio in his adopted hometown of Madrid. Their debut LP takes all the best parts of 90s pop punk, mixes in a heavy dose of 80s power pop hooks and Ramones sensibilities and the results rock like crazy. For those not in the know, K7s are Luis Sanchez (Los Reactivos) on guitar and vocals, the great Kurt Baker on bass and Jose Andres Albertos (Airbag) on drums. That's an awful lot of star power from the worlds of garage and power pop, but these guys had something far more specific in mind for this project. ‘Take 1’ is the kind of record that reminds me of why I got so hooked on Lookout Records style pop-punk back in the day. K7s knock out one perfect two minute poppy punk song after another and they fire hard along the lines of the Ramones, Screeching Weasel, Queers, and Green Day. This is poppy punk rock at it’s best with buzzsaw guitars, melodic leads and sticky sweet melodies with heart on their sleeve lyrics.

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