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LP - Upper Crust/Grannies- Lords And Ladies Split LP.  Although both of these bands are known mainly known for their over the top stage antics, both of them are actually pretty proficient musicians and totally deliver the goods in the grooves on this one. The Upper Crust reimagine High Voltage era AC-DC filtered through the lyrical lens of 18th Century nobles and do it so fuckin great. Adorned in powdered wigs, buckled shoes and ruffled finery as 18th century French aristocrats, the Upper Crust rock it better than most on their five tracks. On the flip The Grannies bust chops with another fresh set of Jack Endino-produced tunes (Nirvana, High On Fire, etc.). Their side rips hard with 5 new ones that run the gamut from grunge, in its punkier early days, to songs that are reminiscent of The Dwarves at their most chaotic. Totally fun record right here. Recommended.

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